Women and people of color are still being lowballed by recruiters, stonewalled in negotiations, and passed over for promotions

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As protests against racial injustice erupted across America over the last month, I watched with interest as companies in the tech industry, where I’ve spent my career, came out with statements of solidarity, donated to the cause of racial justice, and promised to do better with their diversity and inclusion efforts. What got left out of most of these conversations was a reckoning with the long-standing problem of pay inequity for women and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color). …

In celebration of Asian Pacific Heritage Month (APAHM) we hosted a virtual salon with Gold House last month. Gold House is a nonprofit collective of diverse leaders dedicated to forging stronger relationships that empower Asians to have more authentic, more successful, and healthier lives to advance all of society.

We partnered with Gold Rush Venture Directors Megan Ruan and Mikkoh Chen, along with our Head of Diversity and Inclusion Jiun Kimm, to gather fifteen Asian founders to talk about their shared experiences and challenges.

Key takeaways:

  • The bamboo ceiling prevents many Asian Americans from advancing to leadership positions.
  • There is…

We are navigating through unprecedented times as community builders, founders, operators, investors, and society as a whole. As we migrate from offline communities to online due to the COVID-19 crisis, we see a cultural, social, and economic paradigm shift in how businesses, communities, and organizations operate.

At Samsung NEXT we have been pondering the question, “How do you cultivate communities online during changing times?” To answer this, we gathered Community Lead at First Round Capital Serena Bian, GM of Startup Initiatives at Zendesk Pedro Muller, and Head of Developer Relations at Samsung NEXT Jesse Freeman to share their insights and…

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Purpose-driven technology has become a huge focus in tech for the past year given the rise of privacy/data breaches and adverse effects of persuasive technology. With the rise of social enterprise startups, B-corps, and humane tech advocacy groups, the tech industry is at an inflection point. After seeing the negative externalities that came out of Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 business models, many in the industry are seeking to course-correct and find new ways of building and innovating mindfully.

To explore this topic further, we convened a group of builders and founders from Human Ventures, Condé Nast, Motivote, Hire Tech…

A few weeks ago I had the honor to speak on a Tech for Good panel co-hosted by Enterprise Ireland and Deloitte Digital. It was entitled “Tech, Media, and Ethical Innovations” and also featured Facebook VR Product Designer Michelle Cortese and Newship founder and CEO Paul Quigley.

On the panel, we spoke about the intersection of tech, humanity, and design; shared mistakes we think the tech industry has made; and discussed where we are today and where we hope to go in the future as builders, founders, and investors.

In the age of surveillance capitalism and privacy/data breaches, we believe…

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At Samsung NEXT, we understand that each individual’s various identities largely shape their experiences as builders and founders. In an environment where women of color receive only about 1 percent of total funding in the United States, we recognize that being in the workforce can feel isolating and impact issues related to cultural identity and mental health.

As fellow Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) women in tech, Mia and I wanted to create a space for others to discuss the intersection of racial and cultural identity with mental health. …

How does the role of responsibility and governance come into play for companies building the foundation of AI? How can AI be biased? What are the best practices around privacy and trust?

To discuss these questions, we hosted our second What’s NEXT Founder Dinner series on October 24, with a focus on ethics in AI. We convened some of the brightest minds from IBM Quantum Computing, Group Project, Alpha Drive, and Argo Digital Ventures to chat about the social, legal, and human implications of what they are building.

We wanted to ask philosophical questions related to building a more just…

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Every month at Samsung NEXT NY we choose a theme to focus our events and content programming on. In September, we chose the Future of Food.

We thought this was an appropriate topic because, for several decades New York has been the food capital of the U.S. We are home to David Cheng’s Momofuku, Danny Meyer’s Union Hospitality Group, and countless other great restaurants.

We’ve learned a lot about how to be good investors and stewards to entrepreneurs from Danny Meyer’s Setting the Table, which is not just a memoir but also a business philosophy. …

This article was originally published on Samsung Next, which invests in innovation.

If a tech company made a big investment in a new product initiative without achieving any tangible results, shareholders would rightly demand that something should be done to fix the situation. Yet every year big tech firms spend millions on diversity and inclusion initiatives, often with very little to show for their efforts. We need to be as diligent about fixing the diversity problem as we are in triaging stagnating products and growth numbers.

I recently had the pleasure of appearing on a panel at the CDX NYC…

What I learned from working at Tumblr.

I’ve experienced two acquisitions in my operating career. One, the acquisition of Instagram by Facebook, went incredibly well. The other, Yahoo’s purchase of Tumblr, went horribly wrong. Both were social media companies purchased by internet giants for $1B. Both were considered to be widely overvalued at the time of purchase. But while Instagram was valued last year at more than $100B Tumblr was sold for 1/333 of what Yahoo paid for. Although sources close to the deal posit that Verizon probably exchanged Tumblr for a percentage stake in Automattic and the $3M was just a head cover. Regardless, it felt…

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